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 Biotech & Pharmaceutical Management Training

Responsible Management® is an ethical approach to balancing the manager's role between the corporate demands for profits, goals, and results, and the employee's need for motivation, communication, feedback and ongoing development.
Responsible Management® programs have provided both new and experienced managers, at all levels, with practical skills and a principled system for fulfilling the demands of their roles as respected, effective leaders in the workplace.
Responsible Management® programs are offered as public or customized seminars. The customized seminars are entirely unique to a company's culture, goals, job requirements, and competitive challenges. For those companies who prefer to bring our products in-house, train-the-trainer certification is available.


PROGRAMS : : 3- to 4-Day Interactive Programs Include:

Responsible Management® I
Ideal for new managers to develop foundation skills, and for experienced managers who seek a comprehensive system of coaching, staff motivation, and development.


Responsible Management® II
Advanced management program ideal for graduates of Responsible Management® I to further develop skills, as well as develop new skills in effective listening.

  • Principles of Leadership and Management
  • Motivational Methods and Skills
  • Management Skills Assessment at the Individual and Team Levels
  • Responsible Management® Model — This Model Integrates Practical Motivational and Leadership Methods for Coaching and Employee Development
  • Responsible Management® System — Establishes an Action Plan Requiring Ongoing Coaching Tied to Biannual and Annual Appraisal Systems
  • Extensive Customized Skill Practice for Behavioral Change
  • Recruitment/Selection Skills (Optional)
  • Legal Issues/Termination (Optional)
  • Management Skills Reassessment (Determining Management Style)
  • Review/Skill Practice of the Responsible Management® System — A Practical Integration of Motivational/Leadership
    Methods for Coaching and Employee Development
  • ResponsAble Listening™ — Employees Learn How to Value and Effectively Listen to What the Speaker Is Really Saying. This Fourth Generation Listening Model Incorporates "Learning Styles" or "Lead Systems" as the Key to Effectively Understanding the Speaker's Value Systems and Intended Meaning. The Listener Then Responds with Understanding through Word Cues That Assist in Developing Rapport with the Speaker. The ResponsAble Listening™ Model Provides Powerful Synergies Building Off of the Performance Counseling® (Coaching) Foundation

"This course will make a difference in my career. It was outstanding. The best management course that I have attended. Very focused—practical. Great job presenting and maintaining students' attention."
 ~ Regional Manager


"This was an excellent investment in time. I feel that I gained a better set of management tools as a result. Very effective presentation and communication skills. Excellent job of maintaining pace, energy, and involvement."
~ Chief Operating Officer


"Recently I attended a seminar for newly-appointed managers at a highly regarded business university. I left the seminar with no clear direction of my role. However, today I really feel a sense of empowerment to effectively do my job. Terrific! Thanks!"
~ Regional Area Manager

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