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Biotech & Pharmaceutical Sales Training

A Professional, Principled,
and Proactive Approach to Selling

Performance Selling® teaches the application of professional sales and state-of-the-art service skills in a balanced and rational manner. This approach will assure new product/procedure use, expanded product/procedure use, and continued "product of choice" use by your customers. The Performance Selling® System establishes "10 Ways to Win" for successful selling. These principles are broad in scope and create the envelope of the course. They provide the foundation for the methodologies and skills trained in the System.
The Performance Selling® Model brings to the salesperson an awareness of time proven motivational and organizational behavior methods that the "best of the best" representatives have often learned subconsciously through trial and error.



PROGRAMS :: 1-, 2-, or 3-Day Interactive Programs Include:

Performance Selling® I
Ideal for new representatives to learn core competency skills and for experienced representatives to expand development of core competencies to maximize product usage and customer relationships.


Performance Selling® II
Advanced professional sales program ideal for graduates of Performance Selling® I to continue developing skills, as well as learn new communication skills through the The ResponsAble Listening™ Model. 

  • Principles of Professional Selling
  • Motivational Methods and Skill Training
  • Individual and Team Selling Style Assessment
  • Performance Selling® System:
    Requires a Balanced Approach in Sales and Service Behaviors Based on Motivation and Organizational Development Methods
  • Extensive Customized Case Study Practice Sessions to Assure New Learned Professional Selling and Service Skills
  • Motivational Tennis® (Optional)
  • Selling/Service Skill Reassessment
  • Review/Skill Practice for Performance Selling®
  • ResponsAble Listening™ — Employees Learn How to Value and Effectively Listen to What the Customer Is Really Saying. This Fourth Generation Listening Model Incorporates "Learning Styles" or "Lead Systems" as the Key to Effectively Understanding the Customer's Value Systems and Intended Meaning. The Listener (Representative) Then Responds with Understanding through Word Cues That Assist in Developing Rapport with the Customer. The ResponsAble Listening™ Model Provides Powerful Synergies Building Off the Performance Selling® Foundational Skills

"Excellent program. Applicable not only in work settings, but also in life. Lots of good pointers. I plan to utilize a lot of the information I learned during the past 3 days. Every sales training course should offer a comparable program."
~ Sales Representative


"I was surprised. I expected a very dry, listening type course. The material was very leading-edge and gave us new tools to diagnose difficult doctors."
~ Sales Representative


"Outstanding system, I feel it will be an implementable and effective program to assist me in increasing the effectiveness of myself and my sales team. This was the best learning experience I have had as a sales professional in 15 years. Thank you."
~ Division Manager

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