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The Christie Company provides unique and dynamic corporate presentations, such as "21 Ways to Win." Employees learn winning (and losing) is a result of how well a person "played the game". Winning is determined by how well one focuses in the "now" on the fundamental skill of one's vocation with a commitment to being as good as they can be. These presentations are ideal for both management and sales teams.

Recruiting and Selection — 1 Day
Employees learn the importance of seeking "P. R. SAM" — a proactive, receptive, stable, able, and motivated individual. If executed well, as much as 80% of future human resource issues can be eliminated.

Motivation Workshop — 1 Day
Employees learn the foundational theories of motivation and then are encouraged to focus primarily on those, which are most appropriate and executable in the corporate environment. Motivational Tennis® (on the tennis court) is an innovative and fun way to summarize the day's learning.

ResponsAble Listening™ — 1 Day
Employees learn how to value and effectively listen to what the speaker is really saying. This fourth generation listening model incorporates "learning styles" or "lead systems" as the key to effectively understanding the speaker's value systems and intended meaning. The listener then responds with understanding through word cues that assist in developing rapport with the speaker. The ResponsAble Listening™ Model provides powerful synergies to the Performance Counseling® (coaching) and Performance Selling® process.


The Christie Company offers general management and sales consulting services through its Responsible Management® System. Services include:

  • Executive Coaching
  • Business and Strategic Plan Development
  • Reflective Practices Assessment and Development
  • Corporate Management and Sales Development Assessment
  • Appraisal and Accountability Systems Assessment and Development

The facilitation fee for a customized "in-house" program is $3,500 per day, plus customization and material costs. The client is responsible for all meeting, catering, and A.V. costs. 

For a "public program" the fee is $2,500 per person for the 4-day program, and $2,000 per person for the 3-day program. This program includes individuals from other companies. The client is responsible for travel, food, and lodging costs for customized or public programs.

Consulting Services:  General management, sales, and/or human resource consulting services are $250 per hour.

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