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             Corporate History

In 1983, The Christie Company (formerly Christie & Associates) initiated its plans to become a new startup pharmaceutical company specializing in delivery systems with a highly trained marketing and sales staff. The concept was born out of the extraordinary success of Key Pharmaceuticals where Charles Christie was an executive team member.

However, during that time major medical companies expressed a strong interest in learning from The Christie Company about Key's success. The Christie Company's destiny made an abrupt turn into the executive consulting and training field. The key question from these early clients was always the same: "How could a small startup company break


through the oligopoly of the pharmaceutical industry and win market share from companies ten and twenty times its size?" The answer to this question and much more is found in our  management seminars and consulting services.
The Christie Company
has now trained thousands of executives, managers, and sales personnel. The predominance of our clients has been represented by the biotech, nuclear medicine, pharmaceutical, diagnostic, and the wholesale health care industry. From 1997 to 2003, we gained extensive international experience in Europe and the Middle East. The Christie Company has also worked with nonprofits in the health education sector.

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Our message has always been consistent — that the organization's success cannot be assured without first having a non-compromising focus on building a strong foundation of people skills. From the beginning, The Christie Company has always emphasized the need to exceptionally execute the core fundamentals of Management/Leadership. These are not beginner skills, but rather state-of-the-art, time proven skills, which drive the corporation's success. From the strength of its foundation, the rest of the house can be built. We don't advise our clients to go back to the basics, but rather we encourage them to stick to and practice the basics…better.

PARTIAL CORPORATE CLIENT LIST: Adria Labs, Glaxo Smith Kline, Key Pharmaceuticals, DuPont Pharma, DuPont Canada, Alcon Labs, Syncor, Cardinal Health, Galderma, Genentech, Centocor (JNJ), Immunex (Amgen), Solvay Canada, DuPont Merck, Rhone Poulenc Rhorer, Endo Pharmaceuticals, Miles Canada, 3M Pharmaceuticals, Project SOS, Inc.

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