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Management Training & Sales Training in a First-Class Facility

ResortSite and Size for Effective Learning Does Matter
Over the past 15 years, it has been our privilege to partner with the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club Conference Center as The Christie Company's primary and preferred training site.

After 30 years of management training experience, we have learned that our clients gain a greater effectiveness in learning by going off-site. This removes them from the day-to-day distractions around the regional or home office. We also believe quality training should be viewed as a reward. Therefore, an environment such as the Ponte Vedra Inn & Club is ideal. Finally, because of some of our innovative teaching techniques, such as Motivational Tennis®, having access to a recreational environment is beneficial.

We also believe a smaller class size (no larger than 15) lends itself to a much more effective learning experience. Because of the interactive teaching style, participants are engaged and involved throughout our seminars.

The length and follow-up of training also enhances a more effective learning experience. We prefer a dedicated time frame of three to four days to enhance positive behavioral change, even though some of our individual skill workshops may be limited to one or two days. We also encourage an ongoing learning strategy to build upon the skills developed. After approximately one year, many of our clients return for "spring training."


We not only offer our courses at the Ponte Vedra Inn, but also at a location of our client's choosing. Other options include making course material available through teleconferencing, as well as allowing our clients to bring the course work in-house through the "train the trainer" certification program. We always strive to accommodate our clients' unique needs to assure the best possible outcome for an excellent five-diamond learning experience.


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